Payment options

Via bank link & card payment

After placing the order, click on the link of the desired bank, which will direct you to the Internet bank selected using the Montonio application. Enter your user ID and passwords and enter Internet Banking. In the Internet bank, you can see an already completed payment order, which contains the amount due for payment for the products purchased from Check the details and confirm the payment order.

Inbank payment methods

Inbank payment methods help to pay for purchases even more conveniently. Pay for your purchase only next month or divide the purchase amount into several equal parts, easily and without any additional fees.

Find a suitable payment solution at checkout and choose the most suitable one from the following options.

Инбанк payment next month

· Pay on the 25th of the following month

· 30 – 800 € for purchases

· 0 € surcharge

Инбанк split into parts

· 75 – 2500 € for purchases

· Period of 2 or 3 months

· 0 € surcharge

Why choose the Inbank payment method?

· Simple and no extra fees – no interest, contract fee or monthly management fee.

· A smart way to get everything you need right away without compromising on options.

· The Inbank pay later payment method is not an installment payment, but a credit-free payment method – it does not affect your credit score.

Paying with the Inbank payment method is easy!
The purchase is confirmed in just a few moments.
Inbank installment payment

Inbank’s installment payment allows you to turn a large one-time expenditure into a small monthly expense and pay for products and services in installments. Take more time to pay and spread the purchase amount over up to 6 years. First payment only after a month.

Advantages of Inbank installment payments:

· A flexible solution for larger expenses

· You choose the size of the installment amount

· You choose the installment period

· You choose the payment date

· Response to request in a minute

Inbank installment payment terms:

· Amount 100 – 10,000 €

· Period 6 – 72 months

· Deposit €0

· Interest 11.9%

· Contract fee €0

· Management fee 0.3% per month

Requesting an installment payment is easy:

  • You can also pay for several goods at the same time with an installment payment

  • You can fill out the installment payment request here in the e-shop

  • You can familiarize yourself with the contract and sign it here in the e-shop

  • Inbank sends you a monthly e-invoice

Inbank’s installment loan APR is 31.64% per year under the following example conditions: installment amount €490, contract period 12 months, interest rate 11.9% of the purchase amount, down payment 0%, administration fee 0.3%, monthly installment €47.23, total credit cost 566 .8 €. The service provider is AS Inbank Finance. Before signing the contract, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the financial service and, if necessary, consult with a specialist.

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